NEEDSHES Share New Single ‘One Day’

Uzbekistan-based, independent alternative rock band NEEDSHES are back with their brand new single One Day, an epic, indie pop/rock song about living in the moment. 
This song is an epic musical composition that won me over from the very first listen. One Day is an ode to live in the present instead of being caught in dreams of a better future. We spend so much time thinking about the future (and also dwelling on the past) that we donn't see how we ruin the present and forget to truly live. This message is wrapped around a memorable production that evokes thoughts of Lord Huron, The Lemon Twigs and Tame Impala. I am very fond of Otabek's expressive vocals and how they soar over infectious melodies packed with lush horn sections beautifully intertwined with with gorgeous piano chords, epic, cinematic strings and killer percussion that create a larger than life atmosphere. Definitely one of those songs perfect to get you thinking about life. Accompanying the release, frontman Otabek made an amazingly beautiful collage animation video which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Otabek said,
I always try to sing about human behavior and about the things that happen in the world, what we’re doing with this environment where we have a chance to live. Everybody knows we’re making it worse every day. I made it as a reminder to myself, first things first. The story about the kite was a really bright event in my childhood. All I had is this kite. When you grow up in poverty and have no future reality, you don’t waste time on dreams. You have to think about how to find your piece of bread tomorrow. When you’re making this kite out of paper and some sticks you totally lose yourself in this process. This is your dream for today, all you have. 
We think it’s better somewhere where we could be. This chorus “One day we will be born in the place where we belong” is something that can comfort you when you’re totally broke. Maybe not this time, maybe the next life will be better. We always complain, we are always unhappy. There’s always something you can’t get. And the world is unfair. But this moment comes when you’re done and your time is out. Suddenly all your life looks pretty nice for you. You want your life back no matter where and how. You just want to live all those moments again. Suddenly you have everything that you’ve never been happy with. You had your first love, your failures, your successes, you can see it clearly when you’re losing it.