Luke Petruzzi Shares New Single ‘Revolve’

Following the release of his dreamy indietronica single Inconsistent, released earlier this month, American artist Luke Petruzzi returns with yet another lovely piece of electronic music titled Revolve
Out now via Truzz Music Group, Revolve is a song about contextualizing simplicity in life and non-attachment through the lens of reincarnation. Thinking about what it is like to look at our lives as just one page of a massive story. This message is wrapped around a lush electronic production that beautifully allows the listeners to focus on his evocative, expressive vocals. Apart from Luke's vocals I am particularly fond of the killer beat nicely intertwined with a memorable bass and bright, expansive synths that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below! 
Speaking about the song, Luke Petruzzi said,
The last line of the chorus “if we didn’t fall, the wheel that we are on won’t revolve”. This lyric is saying, if we didn’t fall - meaning “if we didn’t have any desires or attachments” (like the fall of man) - there wouldn’t be anything happening. There would be no reincarnation, no wheel of births and deaths, no relationships - because there wouldn’t be any reason for duality. Nothing to work on and nothing to do. So, it’s okay to have parts of us that are strongly attached to things. That’s a reason we’re here and it’s all built in - all part of the game.