Luke Petruzzi Shares New Single ‘Inconsistent’

American artist Luke Petruzzi has just shared his brand new single Inconsistent, a dreamy piece of indietronica out now via Truzz Music Group. 
I am really enjoying his angelic vocals and how effortlessly his vocal delivery flows over the polished electronic production. Inconsistent is a song about the inconsistency of the actions we take in life and is wrapped around a warm and expansive production that I think you will enjoy. I am particularly fond of the minimalist four on the floor section in the middle with light percussion that is paired with delicate piano keys, catchy bassline and bright, expansive synths which create an overall warm and dreamy atmosphere. Quite a captivating piece of music perfect for those laid-back weekends at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Luke Petruzzi said,
This song is about bouncing back and forth between associating with worldly desires, and associating with the part of us that just notices desires come and go. It’s about the inconsistency of the actions we take when we are fully lost in one of those states or the other. Inconsistent is released as an EP alongside two of my other songs, I Lost You and I Remember. These 3 songs share similar lyrical themes, and go together from a musical standpoint - representing where I’m currently at as an artist.