Lone Laveer Share New Single ‘Lazy’

Lone Laveer, the lovechild of British singer-songwriter Ed Gibson, and songwriting and production duo Chill Murray, have just shared their brand new single Lazy, a lovely pop song with a warm, chill atmosphere. 
I am very fond of Ed Gibson's smooth, dulcet tone and how dynamic his vocal delivery is, instantly drawing my attention to their storytelling. As the title implies, Lazy is a song about those laid-back days at home with the one you love, not wanting to get out of bed and just enjoying the time spent with that person, and just Netflix and Chill. I don't have a special someone at the moment but I can still relate to this song as sometimes I just don't want to leave the house and want to stay home all day, binge watching TV series and forgetting about all my problems. Lazy is a playful pop song packed with gorgeous guitar melodies that are nicely intertwined with a killer beat and warm rhythms that create an overall feel-good, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, frontman Ed Gibson said,
I like being honest about what realistic romance looks like, from modern comforts to guilty pleasures, and I think this song is a testament to that.
Songwriter and guitarist Luke Ferre added,
I feel we’re growing into ourselves as an outfit, and starting to understand where we fit in the zeitgeist.