HAEVN & Birdy Share Magical Duet ‘Open Hearts’

HAEVN, the music project from Dutch singer-songwriter Marijn van der Meer and Dutch filmcomposer Jorrit Kleijnen, have teamed up with British superstar Birdy to deliver a magical duet titled Open Hearts
Co-written by Francis Eg White (Adele, James Morisson), Open Hearts is a haunting winter song that aims to give comfort during dark times with its production and melodies feeling like a warm embrace. This is such an enthralling listening experience and I love how Birdy's enchanting vocals fit beautifully with Marijn's emotional tone. This magical duet is about this time when even more people than usual feel isolated and sometimes alone. The Holidays blues is nicely conveyed through their gorgeous vocals which soar beautifully over a stunning production packed with lush, cinematic strings, subtle beat and emotive piano melodies that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the collaboration HAEVN said,
Everyone has an enormous need for connection with another person. We want to give that feeling a voice with this song, and at the same time connect the hope that it will be okay. If it's not good, it's not the end. Open hearts forever young, one day a change will come. Have faith in connecting with others. 
During the recordings in the studio, Tim asked if we would like to go to a concert in the evening by a good friend of his: KT Tunstall. And whether we were okay with someone he worked with coming along. This turned out to be Birdy. An unforgettable and surreal experience to meet a star like Birdy in such a relaxed way. Tim had already played our music to her, and she loved it. It was secretly his plan all along to bring us together. When we sent "Open Hearts" to her, we had a response within 10 minutes. "I'm in!" , she said. A few days later, we wrote off the song together.
Birdy added,
When Jorrit and Marijn sent me the song, I was so moved. The strings are beautiful and the way Marijn sings is so intimate and emotional. I'm really happy that we're finally releasing a song together. Although we didn't finish anything when we wrote together a few years ago, I've always felt that at some point it would work because our voices and musical styles matched so well.