World’s First Cinema Share New Single ‘NightChild’

Following the release of their dark and eerie offerings Make Me A Monster, Supernatural and Perfect Hell, Los Angeles-based duo World’s First Cinema are back with their vibrant new single NightChild, out now through B-Unique Records. 

I am loving John Sinclair's powerhouse and passionate vocal delivery which oozes so much confidence and passion, effortlessly drawing the listener's attention to their storytelling. NightChild continues the pair’s pursuit of bold and dramatic aesthetics with its rich and soaring textures and theatrical atmosphere. Inspired by the story of Dracula and the haunting compositions it regularly conjures, this new release is a strong and blistering addition to their ever-growing catalogue. I am loving the eerie atmosphere of the song and how it is enhanced by lush organ and piano chords nicely intertwined with catchy percussion and soaring electric guitars (I am loving the anthemic guitar solo) which are packed with so much energy, beautifully matching the passion pouring from John's vocals. NightChild is a high-energy, pop-punk anthem with a theatrical touch perfect to get you energised in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, they said,

'NightChild' is a Dracula inspired theatrical pop punk anthem. We felt that writing the song within the limits of the chosen theme would be a really fun exercise. It's challenging to make such conceptual music still feel pop and hooky for an uninitiated listener but we feel the result is something special and it's one of our favourite songs we've released. We recently played it live for the first time and it was one of the biggest moments in the set which is always a positive sign.