RIVER Share New Single ‘Brother’

Following the release of their mesmerising sophomore single Dance in the Darkness, Hamburg-based duo RIVER are back with their brand new single Brother, their most intense and emotionally demanding song. 
I am loving the passionate and emotive vocal delivery which is packed with so much raw, honest emotion that makes us feel each and every single word that is sung. Brother is a wistful, personal piece of music that tells the bitter story of a close friendship grown apart. The song beautifully captures the feelings we go through when a friendship grows apart, reminiscing on the good times spent together and hurting that we don't have that anymore. It is so painful when a strong friendship doesn't last and you lose someone you shared important moments of your life with. 
This heartfelt storytelling shares a message of accepting that nothing is forever, encouraging the listener to cherish the memories and letting go. The vibrant production perfectly enhances the emotion mostly thanks to the warm, expansive atmospheric elements nicely intertwined with a killer bass, catchy drums and cool guitar riffs that create an overall warm and cinematic atmosphere. Brother is a striking piece of indie/pop-rock music with wistful vocals, warm harmonies, touches of melancholia and tons of raw emotion, perfect to get you cherishing the memories you have of your friendships. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, lyricist Aljoscha Christenhuß said,
We shared everything and did a lot of things for the first time together. He came from a difficult background and the older we got, the more alcohol and drugs were involved. It slowly broke him. Not being able to help and at the same time not being able to look away, tore me apart