RIVER Share New Single ‘Dance in the Darkness’

Hamburg-based duo RIVER are back with their mesmerising sophomore single Dance in the Darkness, an emotionally-charged, bittersweet anthem of commitment. 
I am very fond of the groovy guitar riffs and catchy percussion that beautifully back the smooth, confident vocals that sing about long-distance relationships and how most are all about longing and anticipation, about missing your significant other. Dance in the Darkness beautifully captures how we, as human beings, are driven by our hearts and it is wrapped around their signature cinematic sound: melancholic yet euphoric, wistful yet hopeful. This celebration of love is driven by dazzling harmonies and a slow yet irresistible beat that got me hooked right from the start. Accompanying the release, the duo have shared its official music video which beautifully embodies the song's message and cinematic atmosphere. Check it out below!