POLUN (寶麟) Shares New Single ‘Today’ ft. LU KALA

Following the success of his debut single Higher Ground, Toronto-based producer/songwriter POLUN (寶麟) is back with his sophomore single Today, an infectious piece of EDM out now. 
Taken from his upcoming debut EP Trillium, Today features Canadian songstress LU KALA whose stunning vocals beautifully infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion while also making it instantly recognisable. Apart from LU KALA's gorgeous timbre, I am particularly fond of POLUN'S blend of unique pop melodies with emotionally charged beats that create an overall warm atmosphere. Today is a song about embracing one's vulnerability in a relationship that is slipping away, sharing a message that it is OK to give into our emotions. There's somewhat of a dramatic touch in the production that makes this message and emotion to stand out even more and I am very fond of the punchy beat and killer percussion throughout the song. Definitely an enthralling listening experience which you can check out below!



As POLUN explains,
Today, with LU KALA, is a powerful song about embracing your vulnerability in a relationship that’s slipping away. Love blinds us all and we wrote this tune to remind everyone that it’s OK to forget the world and give into your emotions.