Erika Tham Shares Acoustic Version Of Debut Single ‘Admit It’

American singer and songwriter Erika Tham have just shared a stunning acoustic version of debut single Admit It, a smooth and sensual piece of R&B. 
I am a fan of the studio version's killer, warm beat and how powerful her vocals are. Now the songstress strips things back a bit and unveils an acoustic version that enhances the emotion pouring from her gorgeous vocals. Admit It is an introspective song about owning up to your mistakes and hesitations when it comes to love. For this version we are gifted with a stunning piano-based instrumental (courtesy of Grammy-winning producer composer Pianist Brian Kennedy) that creates a warm and emotional atmosphere that allows for Erika Tham's vocals and storytelling soaring brightly. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Erika shared,

‘Admit It’ is what I wish I could’ve said to someone that I was watching fall in love with me, when I knew I didn’t feel the same. It’s an honest conversation with myself and him; admitting my faults and hesitations when it comes to love. I’m sorry I let it get this far and that I let you think I was the one. ‘Pardon my seduction, I’ll pardon your assumptions’.