Erika Tham Shares Debut Single ‘Admit It’

American singer and songwriter Erika Tham makes her music introduction with the release of her debut single Admit It, a smooth and sensual piece of R&B. 
The sultry track came together with help of Grammy-winning friends/collaborators Major Myjah and Deion Gill and beautifully showcases Erika Tham's sultry vocals and how powerful and dynamic her vocal range is. Admit It is an introspective song about owning up to your mistakes and hesitations when it comes to love. This relatable message is wrapped around a delicious fusion of R&B and Pop, adding intricacy and bridging cultures with delicate Asian instrumentation. This is one of those songs that I find perfect for a relaxing day at home or for some sensual bedroom sessions. Check it out below!



When asked about the inspiration behind Admit It, Erika shared, 
‘Admit It’ is what I wish I could’ve said to someone that I was watching fall in love with me, when I knew I didn’t feel the same. It’s an honest conversation with myself and him; admitting my faults and hesitations when it comes to love. I’m sorry I let it get this far and that I let you think I was the one. ‘Pardon my seduction, I’ll pardon your assumptions’. 
 I made ‘Admit It’ in Atlanta with my friends Major and Deion. Major and I were in the kitchen making breakfast when Deion played us the beat, which he had made the night before. While Major was cutting up some veggies, he started free styling the melody with words making fun of my manager, Syd, for having a Samsung instead of an iPhone. There’s actually a video of it somewhere! Later that night we rewatched the video and I heard him say the words ‘admit it’, which is when I came up with the first line in the song, ‘I’ll admit it, I wouldn’t know love if I was in it’. As soon as I said it, the three of us fell in love with the concept and could SO relate…It was one of those songs that wrote itself because we were just being so honest.