Cam M. Shares New Single ‘burn’

Rising dark-pop artist Cam M. has just released her brand new single burn <3, a compelling song about not giving the satisfaction of intimacy to someone who doesn’t deserve it. 
Right from the start I get Billie Eilish vibes mostly thanks to some vocal distortion and killer bass that instantly creates a mysterious atmosphere. Produced by Mario W. Garraffo, burn <3 is Cam M.'s way to feel powerful against people in her life who were trying to use her emotions and her body against her. This is a song about toxic relationships and finally realising that you deserve more, being better off alone. I am loving the distorted vocals and how smooth Cam M.'s vocals sound, beautifully conveying pain and anger while gliding effortlessly over the warm production. I am also enjoying the subtle guitar plucks near the end that give another rich layer to this dynamic track. burn <3 is such an enthralling and memorable listening experience which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Cam M. said,
There are multiple rather personal stories behind this song, but I’ve essentially developed too much pride and self-respect to romantically involve myself with people who cannot prove they deserve it.