Ashes & Arrows Share New Single ‘Born to Love’

Country/Americana trio Ashes & Arrows have just shared their brand new single Born to Love, the latest track to be taken from their new EP, Forward, which is out now! 
What I like the most about this song is how it is packed with so much emotion, instantly giving me the feels and making me feel connected to each and every single word they are single. I am loving the raspy touch in the vocals and how passionate the vocal delivery is, with dreamy three-part harmonies that make the song stand out even more. Apart from the strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar lines that are seamlessly intertwined with cool rhythms, steady drum patterns and piano chords that build up win pace and energy to burst into a powerful, somewhat anthemic bridge that matches the emotion pouring from their vocals. Definitely a memorable listening experience that you can check out below!



Ashes & Arrows are: 

Ben Voigt (Vocalist + Piano)
Ciaran McMeeken (Vocalist + Guitar)
Jonathan Calhoun (Vocalist + Guitar)