Becca Gohn Shares New Single ‘A Million Pieces’

Following last month's Country-Pop ballad No More Love, US-based singer and songwriter Becca Gohn has just shared her brand new single A Million Pieces, a warm, piano-based song out now via Sapphire Heart Records. 
I am really enjoying Becca Gohn's dulcet vocals which glide beautifully over the polished production and infuse it with a touch of vulnerability and emotion. Written and recorded by Becca Gohn, A Million Pieces is a memorable song about heartbreak and the questions it compels us to ask. This message is wrapped around a captivating production packed with an emotive piano-based melody nicely paired with a lush string arrangement by Maria Copeland, horn arrangement by Allison Tartalia and percussion and mixing by Jamie Lendino. I am really enjoying how the blend of Becca's sweet vocals with lush strings and emotive piano chords create such a warm and intimate atmosphere, making this song perfect to listen to during a rainy day home alone. Check it out below!