Becca Gohn Shares New Single ‘No More Love’

US-based singer and songwriter Becca Gohn has just shared her brand new single No More Love, a lovely Country Pop ballad.

No More Love is a song about the end of a long-term relationship and all the emotions that come from it until you finally accept it is over and move on. This is quite a relatable song and is wrapped around a captivating Country-tinged pop production packed with touching piano chords, smooth percussion and poignant steel guitars. I am particularly fond of Becca Gohn's smooth, dulcet vocals and how they instantly capture the listener's attention to her lovely storytelling. This is a smooth piece of music with an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Becca Gohn said,

“No more love” was an effortless song to write. Some songs I write and re-write, cut sections, change chord progressions, and revise lyrics over and over. Sometimes there is little left of the original song idea by the time I am finished with a song. Sometimes I scrap songs completely because they never quite feel right. But for this one, I just walked right into a wave of inspiration and it scooped me up and connected me to the create universe. It was a song that wrote itself and I was more of a passenger along for the ride while my muse took the wheel. It is an amazing experience to have a song so easily flow through you.