Tadhg Daly Shares New Single ‘Still Not Made It’

Following up the enormous response to his previously released singles Your Heart’s Not In It, Forever Young and Come On Over, fast-rising Jersey born / Irish singer and songwriter Tadhg Daly has just shared his brand new single Still Not Made It, the final single to be lifted from his new EP, Forever Young, set to arrive on November 29th via Silent Kid Records. 
Like its predecessors, Still Not Made It is an emotionally-charged piece of indie/alt-pop music that beautifully showcases Tadhg Daly's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. This song is jam-packed with vibrant textures, soaring aesthetics, and his own heartfelt vocal performance. Still Not Made It is a relatable song about the fear of failure and the pressure of making it before society and industries say you're too old to make it. I adore Tadhg's vocals and how passionate his delivery is, culminating in an epic and euphoric chorus that is perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tadhg said,
I wrote this song as a conversation between me and my mother. The first verse is voicing my frustrations and fears to her and the second verse is pretty much a direct quote from her, reassuring me that everything that is meant to happen, will happen. It's about the fear of failure and trying to make it in such a cut throat industry. I decided to use my age specifically in the lyrics as a bit of a stand against the idea that you’re too old to make it past your early twenties.. something that I regularly panic about. The idea of "making it" is something I worry about constantly but is also something that I think is a totally false narrative.. So much pressure is put on people (especially creatives) to keep striving for success and the next big thing and whilst that drive can be inspiring it can also be crippling! Constantly hearing people from back home saying "I really hope you make it" is just such a weird feeling to me like I don't even really know what that means when I'm supposed to have made it. That sums up the song really. I think there is a lot of frustration, fear and then hope in the track.