Sterre Weldring Shares New Single ‘Remedy’

Dutch singer and songwriter Sterre Weldring has just shared her brand new single Remedy, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP. 
Out now via Revenche Records, Remedy describes the realisation that love doesn’t always have to be requited to have value. You can feel the pain pouring from Sterre Weldring's wistful vocals which soar effortlessly over the warm production. Even though the song mainly describes the pain, the main message of the song is to never stop opening up your heart as it gives you a chance at new love. Sterre's dynamic vocal range is very impressive and you can really feel the raw emotion and how it is enhanced by the intricate guitar riffs, lively drum beats and lush harmonies. This is one of those songs that I'd play when I am home alone with my thoughts as I really like music with touches of melancholia, tons of emotion and a warm atmosphere. Check it out below!