Rheo Uno Shares New Single ‘Señorita’

UK born singer and songwriter Rheo Uno has just shared her brand new single Señorita, a soulful and sensual piece of music out now via Bright Star Records. 
I am really enjoying Rheo Uno's lush, soulful vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listener's attention to her storytelling. Señorita is a relatable song about sexual tension and is wrapped around a captivating blend of Latin Pop, electronic and R&B elements that make it quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am particularly fond of the cool guitar strums and how they are nicely paired with a killer beat and lush horns that enhance the sensuality pouring from her sultry vocal delivery. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rheo Uno said, 
I wanted to channel as much sexual tension as I could into a song; you know in the films when they’re in a club, dancing, sweaty and ridiculously sensual? I wanted Senorita to be the soundtrack for something like that. To me, as soon as you hear a Latino beat, it puts you in that sultry, sensuous mood; so thats how we ended up with that vibe, and hey, Tequila is my fave shot so it was a no brainier to drop in the mix .