Paul Bidault Shares New Single ‘Burden off my shoulders’

French singer and songwriter Paul Bidault has just shared his brand new single Burden off my shoulders, a warm piece of singer-songwriter/Folk music out now via Dark Tides Records.
The second single to be taken from Paul Bidault's upcoming album Dark Tides, Burden off my shoulders is a song about going through a tough time in one's life, of loss and defeat but still being unwilling to give in. This honest, vulnerable message is wrapped around a warm production with intricate guitar riffs nicely paired with smooth percussion on which his rich, deep vocals soar effortlessly over. I've got to say that Paul Bidault's vocals are what drew me towards this song as they sound like a mix of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen and his honest storytelling sealed the deal for me. A great song for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Paul Bidault said,
Burden off my shoulders is me at my most vulnerable state, experiencing the hardest time of my life and having music and words simply pouring out of me. It’s a cathartic-yet-rockbottom anthem of loss and defeat but with an unwillingness to give in.