Loviet Shares New Single ‘Picture’

Canadian singer and songwriter Loviet has just shared her brand new single Picture, the second single to be taken from her upcoming EP. 
I am a fan of her smooth, expressive vocals and how they soar beautifully over the polished electro-pop production. Picture is a relatable song about being at the mercy of life and no matter how hard we try to go back to a good, earthy place, life and vicious social media keeps pulling us forward. This message is wrapped around a retro-tinged piece of electro-pop music packed with a memorable beat nicely intertwined with catchy guitar riffs and subtle piano keys that create an overall warm atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the infectious chorus and how powerful and dynamic Loviet's vocals are. 
Accompanying the release, Loviet has shared its official music video, directed by Ryan Faist, which shows a sombre mood and wonderful cinematography. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Loviet said,
This song is me being at the mercy of life and the elements. In this track, I feel like I’m trying to reach back to a place that’s earthy and cathartic while I’m being pulled forward in the viscous cycles of social media and modernity. I created the initial track at a kitchen table during a 14 day quarantine and wanted to get all my frustrations out. I don’t know the version of myself that I’m putting online and I don’t understand the relationship I have with it, but it tortures me daily, and I know the way I used to live versus now and that haunts me too. I’d like to be at peace with both but think it’s all just too fucked up, and I’d like to know it’s worth it in the end.