Local Nomad & The Shadowboxers Share New Single ‘Lonely’

Long Island-based singer and songwriter Local Nomad has just shared his brand new single Lonely, an infectious indie-pop song featuring fellow American artists The Shadowboxers. 
I am loving the retro vibe that the bright synths and groovy guitars bring to the song and the chorus has an anthemic touch that I find perfect to sing along to. Local Nomad's vocals are definitely packed with soul and emotion and his dynamic vocal delivery is quite impressive and addictive. Written by Adam Hoffman (The Shadowboxwers), Lonely is a song about how isolation can affect someone's mind and mood. This is something many of us can identify with, especially during the lockdowns as we were forced to be apart from everyone and get used to being alone. This message is wrapped around a memorable pop production with groovy rhythms nicely paired with lush guitar plucks, catchy percussion, bright synths and gorgeous sax that create an overall 80s-tinged feel-good atmosphere that makes the song perfect for the weekend! Check it out below!



Local Nomad says on the track,
My manager sent me a track and asked me if I would be interested in singing a song Adam Hoffman from The Shadowboxers had written.The first time I heard it I was immediately hooked. I feel like this song was meant for me. I had just moved out of New York to Charleston, South Carolina and I began to really identify with the concept of the song. After being isolated for so many months during the pandemic and moving to a new city, it took me a minute to get used to being completely alone.