Joe & The Anchor Share New Single ‘California’

Swedish dream pop band Joe & The Anchor, consisting of the four friends Joakim Rosenlund, Robin Zhang, Viktor Edsjö and Ruben Sonesson, have just shared their brand new single California, an emotional indie-pop song that describes the bittersweet realisation that nothing lasts forever. 
Taken from their upcoming album Coming of Age, California was written during a turbulent time in Joakim Rosenlund's life, showing how hard it can be to lose something or someone. The song shares a message of longing for better times when we can forget about our troubles and is wrapped around a powerful indie/dream-pop production with warm guitar riffs being nicely intertwined with energetic drums, creating the perfect background for those heartfelt vocals to shine. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joe & The Anchor said,
We wrote California during a very turbulent time in Joe's life, when it seemed like the whole world was turning upside down for our singer. The song comes from a realization that nothing lasts forever and how hard it can be to lose something or someone. The theme of California itself, and the lyric "California daydreaming" that kicks off the song, represents our dreams as a band - longing for a faraway place where the sun shines and we can forget our troubles. When we recorded California, it felt just like when we were writing music as teenagers in the bedroom, and that filterless, analog feel is something we think really shines through in the 90s-inspired sound. California showcases a more genuine and experimental side of us, and we're very proud to release it to you all!”