Elenowen Share New Single ‘Say I Don’t Scare You’

Elenowen, the Nashville-based husband-and-wife writing and singing team of Josh and Nicole Johnson, have just shared their brand new single Say I Don't Scare You, the title track from Elenowen's forthcoming album, set to arrive on November 5th! 
This is a lovely guitar-driven song about laying it all out on the table, asking your partner to stay with you even when you're falling apart. We all hope that when we're going through a tough time that we won't scare our partners and I really like how Elenowen capture these feelings in this gorgeous song. I am loving the raw honesty and emotion pouring from Nicole Johnson's vocals and how they flow beautifully over the warm production. I am really enjoying the blend of indie, folk and rock elements that instantly make the song very recognisable and memorable. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Nicole Johnson says
Tell me I can fully be myself - even if it looks completely different than it did years ago - and that it doesn't scare you. Stay with me as I'm falling apart.