Devin Kennedy & Cassette Tapes Share New Single ‘Agree to Disagree’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Devin Kennedy has teamed up with fellow American duo Cassette Tapes, made up of Jackson Stokes (vocals) and Parker Livingston (production), to deliver a lovely pop song titled Agree to Disagree
I am loving those smooth, expressive vocals and how they effortlessly infuse the song with a touch of vulnerability while also enhancing the emotion of their storytelling. Agree to Disagree is a song about coming to terms with an impasse in a relationship and is wrapped around a polished indie-pop production with warm rhythms, subtle guitar licks and catchy beat that create an overall warm atmosphere. The combination of gorgeous vocals with introspective songwriting and warm production makes Agree to Disagree a great song for a relaxing day home alone. Check it out below!