BLVCKBOW Release Electrifying Debut Single ‘MEMORIZE U’

BLVCKBOW, the new project of award-winning pop artists Jasmine Crowe and Brittani Pavia, make their official debut with the release of MEMORIZE U, an infectious blend of rock and electro-pop elements. 
The Hawaiian natives gift us with a powerful song about living in the moment and cherish our time with the ones we love as there is so much in life we cannot predict. This message is beautifully conveyed through luscious vocals packed with so much energy and emotion, instantly getting me hooked to it. Apart from their gorgeous honey-toned harmonies I am also particularly fond of the gravity-defying electric guitar riffs (I adore its solo) that are nicely paired with lush synths, soaring violin and captivating bass. Definitely a memorable and enthralling listening experience which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Jasmine Crowe said,
It's about really taking in and being present in those moments you have with that other person so that you never forget what it feels like being together.