Ben Alexander Shares New Single ‘Mesmerized’ ft. Katrine Stenbekk

Following the release of his catchy single Who Does The Sun Rise For, Norwegian electro-pop artist, music producer, and composer Ben Alexander has just shared his brand new single Mesmerized, the second single to be taken from his new Solace EP, out now via Melonovo Records. 
For this song, the talented producer enlisted the help of singer-songwriter Katrine Stenbekk, whose lush, dreamy vocals effortlessly infuse a memorable dose of emotion to the song while also enhancing its hypnotic atmosphere. Mesmerized is a song that expresses the deep romantic desire one can get to another person, showing how one gets hypnotised and transfixed on that obsession to the point where reality and control becomes absent. This message is wrapped around a warm electronic production with warm rhythms nicely paired with a catchy beat, lush synths and cinematic strings that create an overall expansive and hypnotic atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!