Ben Alexander Shares New Single ‘Who Does The Sun Rise For’

Norwegian electro-pop artist, music producer, and composer Ben Alexander has just shared his brand new single Who Does The Sun Rise For, the first single to be taken from his new Solace EP, out now via Melonovo Records. 
Who Does The Sun Rise For is an ode to nature and presents a broad cinematic soundscape combined with soft vocal harmonies to give off an adventurous yet meditative sound. I am loving his smooth vocals which are packed with emotion and how they are beautifully backed by a polished production that contains heavy elements of electronic music, gospel, and pop music. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite warm and dreamy mostly thanks to the airy/expansive synths and heavy cinematic, experimental and electronic elements that make this a memorable and enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ben Alexander said,

I had spent a lot of time in Northern Norway and was surrounded by the beautiful nature there. Being isolated and completely focused on my surroundings, I wrote this song as a hymn to nature and its creator. I could really feel the connection that all-natural elements have with each other. From every mountain to the smallest of birds - they all seemed so adjusted in perfect harmony. It made me think of the force that connects them and that's how the song was made.