Tim Chou Shares New Single ‘Lose Somebody’

Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Tim Chou has just shared his brand new single Lose Somebody, an emotive guitar-led song about having to deal with losing someone to a stupid mistake. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, expressive vocal delivery which beautifully showcases his emotion and vulnerability over a warm production. I like how the song slowly builds up with energy and emotion with the smooth acoustic guitar riffs being joined by a catchy percussion that enhances the emotion of his storytelling. Lose Somebody perfectly captures the feelings and frustration of losing someone you looked up to or loved to a stupid mistake, with Tim Chou's passionate vocal delivery and acoustic guitar riffs being my favourite elements of the song. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tim Chou said,
Lose Somebody” was a song written in a day, about having to deal with losing someone to a stupid mistake. I’ve had a lot of people walk out on me in my life, I’m just afraid of it happening again. I wrote this song when the person I looked up to most as a father disappeared from my life in a way that felt more real than when my biological father did.