Stace And Cassie Share New Single ‘What I Want’

Husband and wife duo Stace And Cassie have just shared their brand new single What I Want, a heartfelt piece of music out now via Apothic. 
This power ballad came from music Stace wrote 20 years ago and only had the words "what do you want from me" written. He played it for his wife and band mate Cassie one day while writing for their next album and she immediately started singing the first words, which are a look into their beginnings as a couple. I am loving their vocals and how they fit beautifully together and easily convey the emotion of their storytelling. Their vocals are wrapped around a memorable production that blends elements of Folk, Americana and Rock. I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs and the rush of energy with punchy drums and infectious electric guitar solo. Check it out below!