Rich Tuorto Shares New Single ‘Daydream’

Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Rich Tuorto has just shared his official solo debut single Daydream, an uplifting pop song. 
Rich Tuorto has been the lead singer of a band called Oak & Ash for the last 8 years and now is pursuing a solo career that starts on a great note as it has won me over from the very first chorus. I am particularly fond of the tone of his vocals and how expressive his vocal delivery is, beautifully connecting the listener to his relatable storytelling. 
Daydream describes the feelings and emotions one has when having everything going right in your life, being full of joy and sometimes asking yourself if you're daydreaming. I haven't had as many of those moments as I wished but I can't help but feel the joy pouring from Rich Tuorto's vocal delivery and I think you will enjoy it too. Rich Tuorto's vocals are nicely backed by intricate acoustic guitar strums that are nicely intertwined with catchy percussion, warm rhythms, punchy drums and captivating electric guitar riffs that enhance the emotion of his storytelling. This is one of those songs that instantly got me in a good mood and I think you'll love it too. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rich Tuorto said,
Ive been a part of a band called Oak & Ash for the last 8 years. Over the course of the last year I went on a journey to fall in love with music again and with songwriting. Branching out and writing my first EP inspired me in so many ways and made me feel a sense of freedom as an artist that I had not felt in quite a while. I had also recently gotten married, moved into a new home, built a dream studio...and even though things are far from perfect I felt an overwhelming sense of joy in my life. I wrote Daydream about that feeling. Feeling like things were finally going right. Like if someone pinched you, you might wake up and it would all be over.