Lucille Two Share New Single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’

Australian duo Lucille Two, comprised of Trudy Bennett and Jarrin Borg, have just shared their brand new single I've Been Waiting, the latest single to be taken from their new EP Gato, out now via Electric Spaghetti Soup Kitchen.
I am really enjoying Trudy Bennett's smooth vocals and how they flow effortlessly over the captivating psychedelic pop production with flavours of dream pop, synth pop and space rock. I've Been Waiting is a song about the regret of waiting until it's too late to tell someone how you feel about them, and the effort to move on. I am really enjoying the touches of melancholia in this song which contrast the bright and upbeat 70s-infused hazy atmosphere that is packed with gorgeous synths and lush guitars. Check it out below!