Hemes Shares New Single ‘Calm’

British Arabic artist Hemes has just shared her brand new single Calm, the second single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP, Matters of the Mind, set to arrive later this year. 
I am really enjoying Hemes' lovely vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Calm is a captivating dark-pop song that gives the listener an insight into the mind of somebody longing for a sense of calm in all the chaos. This message is wrapped around lovely pop melodies that create an overall warm and intimate atmophere that enhances the emotion of her storytelling. I see myself playing this song during those introspective days I have and its soothing vibe makes it perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the track, Hemes says
I wrote Calm about the feeling of wanting inner peace, we all have times of chaos in our lives so I wanted to write an anthem that specifically addresses the longing for calm through the racing thoughts and overthinking that I felt. It was one of those songs that were unplanned, I always found it hard to talk about what I was feeling so I decided to write about it instead, and the feelings just poured out, I wrote it in my bedroom and then took it to the studio about a week later.