Crissi Cochrane Shares New Single ‘Why’

Canadian singer and songwriter Crissi Cochrane has just shared her brand new single Why, a jazzy piece of music that beautifully finds Crissi showcasing her sultry vocals and songwriting abilities. 
I am really enjoying the tone of her silky vocals and how they instantly drew my attention to her storytelling. Why is a bittersweet ode to missed connections and unrequited love; always crossing paths at the wrong time, and desperately wishing that love will get a chance to bloom and become something special. I think most of us can relate to this song and I love how these feelings are enhanced by a captivating production that draws influences of jazz, retro pop, r&b and classic soul. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite warm and feels like a warm embrace, being perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!