Camylio Shares New Single ‘sometimes’

New York singer and songwriter Camylio has just shared his brand new single sometimes, a stunning song about recounting memories from a frayed relationship. 

Out now via Republic Records, sometimes beautifully showcases Camylio's gorgeous vocals which are packed with raw, honest emotion that instantly connects the listener to his heartfelt storytelling. sometimes is a relatable song about having memories of places and experiences you shared with someone but unfortunately you're no longer with that person. You thought it was going to last forever and now the anger is gone but you still miss that person and you hope they find love, even if sometimes you wish it was with you. 
This message is enhanced by Camylio's emotionally raw delivery that glides beautifully over sparse synths laced with icy guitar and cool percussion. I am loving this song and you can truly feel the emotion pouring from his vocals and I think you will relate to what he's singing. Check it out below!



Of the meaning behind the song, Camylio says,
 At this point you’ve been broken up for a while, and the anger has faded. Your memory might be a little biased as you struggle to get used to being alone, but regardless, you miss them. You start going to all the places you used to go, partially out of nostalgia, partially to convince yourself that you’re moving on and can handle it. Whether you see them out on a first date at the coffee shop where you first met or just overhear the news from a mutual friend, you find out they’ve started seeing someone new. Ouch. The person you loved and imagined a future with is starting a future with someone else.
You’re happy for them, but at the end of the day you still wish they could have found happiness with you. It’s hard to watch someone you still love be with someone else, but some things just aren’t meant to be, and sometimes love just isn’t enough.