Andrada Share New Single ‘Serenade’

Following the release of Never Have I Ever, her collaboration with Canadian singer and songwriter Max Edwards, Romanian singer-songwriter Andrada is back with her brand new single Serenade, a sensual piece of music. 
Serenade is the perfect blend between afro and latin pop, with a touch of Brien Allen’s guitar magic. I am really enjoying Andrada's sultry, expressive vocal delivery which is packed with so much soul and emotion that instantly connects the listener to her storytelling. Serenade is Andrada's sexiest song yet and is packed with warm latin vibes, lush guitar strums and danceable rhythms that will get you in a good mood in no time. 
Speaking about the song, Andrada said, 
‘Serenade has got to be one of my favourite releases, as well as the song that took the longest to come out of the lab. I was in the studio one day recording a completely different track when Magic showed me a demo he was working on. Within 30 seconds I fell in love with the infectious rhythm and I said I want that song to be mine. That song turned out to be Serenade. When I first came up with the concept, I was a bit worried people might misunderstand the meaning of the lyrics, but I also wouldn’t blame them if they did. The song is open to interpretation for the ones out there with a vivid imagination, but I guess the music video gives it all away. It’s not as sexual as you think folks.
Accompanying the release, Andrada has shared its official music video that features Andrada's dance moves and embodies the song's sensual atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the video, Andrada added,

Ever since I finished the track I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the video to look like. From the outfits, hair & makeup to the choreography, location & lighting, I had it all down to a tee. I created a mood board and made sure that I could turn my vision into reality. You may call me…a control freak. The choreography was very fun to learn and rehearse, but I must admit there was a lot of screaming involved too. Every time Dima would pick me up I would squeak or laugh. The shoot day was incredibly long, we finished at 6 am followed by two days of choosing frame by frame with my editor, Paraschiv, but I am super happy with how it all turned out so guess all the effort was worth it. Also a hundred million thanks to Paulina Buldumea and Dorina Bulgaru for making me look all glam till dawn.