YouNotUs & Michael Schulte Share New Single ‘Bye Bye Bye’

German DJ/Producer duo YouNotUs have teamed up with fellow German singer and songwriter Michael Schulte to deliver an upbeat piece of electro-pop music titled Bye Bye Bye, out now via Guesstimate.

Bye Bye Bye is a song about a lovelorn heart hoping for a fresh start that lets both YouNotUs’ and Michael Schulte’s artistry shine while combining the best of their respective worlds. I am a fan of Michael's gorgeous, expressive vocals and how they effortlessly connect the listener to the emotion of their storytelling which is beautifully wrapped around by YouNotUs' slick, upbeat EDM production. The whole song oozes feel-good vibes that make the song perfect for summer festivals or for those fun summer days with friends by the beach. A great song for the weekend which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, YouNotUs said,
Michael has been one of our most loyal companions since the very beginning of our career. We’ve been fans of both his voice and him as a person since we first worked together in 2015. Over the years, we became really good friends and we’re constantly in touch and exchange creative ideas. Which is exactly why we reached out to him to write a song together. 'Bye Bye Bye' and Michael are the perfect match! In the studio, everything worked out beautifully. Maybe it’s because we share the same values that we were able to convey and process the story of the song so I well, which is about a very toxic, complicated relationship.
Michael added,
I’ve been knowing Gregor and Tobi for a good seven years now. We’ve written a lot of songs together, but so far only for other artists. So we figured it’s about time to write a song just for us and release it together! To me, they’re two of Germany’s most talented producers so I’m absolutely stoked to be able to share the song with the rest of the world soon!!