Rilan Shares New Single ‘Touch Me’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Rilan has just shared his brand new single Touch Me, a warm Pop-R&B song about physical attraction. 

I am really enjoying the tone of his soulful vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling over the warm pop-infused r&b production. Touch Me is a song about craving that physical connection with someone that may not be the right one for you, but you can't help but want to get "frisky" with them. This message is wrapped around a captivating production with a killer beat and overall warm, sensual melodies that create an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for some bedroomm sessions. Check it out below!



Rilan says on the track, 
'Touch Me' is about that person who’s wrong for you in every way but physically. Nothing makes sense except the sex. But recently, it’s taken on a new meaning for me in the post-quarantine world. Touch is something we took for granted. As we start to open up again, now more so than ever is the time to embrace it.