Pink Elefants Share New Single ‘Foolish’

Pink Elefants, the project of long-time friends Finch (Flores) and Illeven (Joshua Matthew), have just shared their brand new single Foolish, a smooth indie r&b song about actually putting in the work for the ones you love. 

I am loving the breathy, smooth vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of their relatable storytelling. Foolish is an ode to authenticity when it comes to dating. It works as an anthem to all those that really want to get to know the other person and not just have a one night stand. Apart from those dreamy vocals I am loving the warm production that is packed with funky guitar licks, atmospheric hip-hop beats, swooning synths and catchy pop melodies that create an overall feel-good, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, the duo says, the song is simply saying,
‘hey, I am not like those other guys, you know, the type who hit you up at 3am.’ This is an anthem to the people who are authentic and who will actually work for the ones they love.