Marcelo De La Vega Shares Unplugged Version of ‘Conversation’

Australian singer and songwriter Marcelo De La Vega has shared an intimate, unplugged version of his latest single Conversation, the title track of his recent EP. 

The accompanying video, filmed a suitably nostalgic 90s MTV Unplugged style, sees Marcelo return to his role of Vinnie Vegas, the clown he introduced to the world in the original music video. Conversation is about the acceptance of leaving a relationship, with the knowledge you will move on and experience new things. This message is enhanced with this new, unplugged version with gorgeous guitar melodies backing his raw and honest vocal delivery pouring with emotion. Quite a memorable listening experience which sounds perfect for a relaxing and introspective day home alone.

Speaking about the song, Marcelo De La Vega said,

The song stemmed from a period where I was really struggling to communicate with people. I felt myself get swept up in a new environment when I first moved to London, I struggled to convey my actual feelings as I didn’t want to come across as weak to my family and friends, which in retrospect is so trivial. I felt really confused, I was coming to the end of my relationship and I forgot who I was without the relationship, and felt quite lost.

Speaking about the new unplugged version, Marcelo said,

I wanted to do an Unplugged version of Conversation because I wasn’t ready to hang up the clown. I really enjoyed playing the clown, and there is something about it that feels like a part of my identity, in a strange way. When I came up with this idea of doing a very melancholy, renaissance video, it felt like a way to say goodbye to the clown, a one last time piece that is almost romantic. The track represents such a pivotal point in my music career, and it has also been a happy time for me, ironically. I hope everyone enjoys it, because I really enjoyed it and loved making it.