Burak Bacio Shares New Single ‘No More’

It's finally Friday so it's time to party and get ready for the weekend! San Francisco-based DJ and music producer Burak Bacio has just shared his brand new single No More, a dance floor-ready energetic track out now via Pyro Records. 

I am really enjoying the energy of the song which isntantly gave me the urge to get up and dance and I think you will enjoy it too. I am also very fond of the vocals and how they give the song a cool touch of emotion while making it perfect to sing along to. Burak Bacio once again delivers a high-energy piece of Future House music with lush synths, punchy percussion and killer drops that make it perfect for summer festivals. If you're looking for an extra dose of energy with a feel-good atmosphere, then you'll love No More. Check it out below!