Zac Pajak Shares New Single ‘Midnight’

London-based singer and songwriter Zac Pajak has just shared his brand new single Midnight, the title track of his sophomore EP, out now via Goldun Egg Records.

The four-track EP features previous releases Silver Lining and About Time, and brand-new track Talk about It. Midnight is a buoyant, beat-driven, feel-good pop song about longing to be with someone you love. I am really enjoying his expressive vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling over this captivating production. I am particularly fond of the guitar-based melodies that are nicely intertwined with a cool beat, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that allows for his compelling vocals to soar. This is a great song for a laid-back sunny, summer day and I think you'll love it too. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Zac said,

Midnight is about being apart from someone you love and longing to be with them. For whatever reason, the world is telling you to let go, but you know that what you’ve found is too good to give up and turn your back on.

Zac Said about the Midnight EP,

I wanted to make music that’s a little more feel-good, that sounds and feels like positivity, no matter how emotionally tough the subject matter. Although a couple of the songs touch on heavy topics like identity and longing, music has such an amazing power to make people feel happy when they're sad, sad when they’re happy and I believe it’s almost our duty as artists right now to use that power and provide people with something uplifting after such a challenging year.