Zac Pajak Shares New Single ‘About Time’

London-based singer and songwriter Zac Pajak has just shared his brand new single About Time, a smooth RnB-infused pop song out now via Goldun Egg Records.

Co-produced with Jake Gosling, About Time is taken from Zac’s upcoming Midnight EP, set to arrive on May 7th and follows the previous single Southern Comfort. I am really enjoying Zac's smooth, soulful vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the melodic pop production. About Time is a song about being able to clearly picture your whole future with someone and is wrapped around a warm production packed with lush guitar riffs and smooth percussion. I am really enjoying the song's feel-good, laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a relaxing day with the one you love. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Zac said,

It’s about that moment you can see your whole future with someone in high definition and it becomes totally clear that it’s meant to be. Over the last 12 months especially, we’ve all had to keep looking forward and remind ourselves that there are brighter days ahead.