Vaarin Shares New Single ‘Darling’

Following the eerily ethereal Lighthouse, Norwegian singer and songwriter Vaarin has just shared her brand new single Darling, a stunning piano-based song out now via Made Records. 

The second single to be taken from her forthcoming new EP Imaginary Movies, Darling is a song about the everyday love and wanting to help the one you love but not being able to do so and facing the frustration that comes from it. This message is centred a around a luscious piano-based melody that is beautifully intertwined with cascading cello strings that create the perfect atmosphere for her caramelly vocals to soar. There are touches of melancholia that I find quite captivating and the song's warm feeling makes it perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Vaarin said, 

It’s all about that everyday love, that love you feel watching television with your family on the couch. That love you feel just by knowing someone inside out. A love so huge no words are big enough to explain, yet we tend to forget this kind of love. It’s also a song about wanting to help the one you love, and about the frustration of not being able to.