The Song Tailors Unveil New Single ‘Forever’

The Song Tailors, the project of Australian songwriter Ruth Picker, has just shared a gorgeous new single titled Forever, featuring Irish singer Muireann McDonnell. I've got to say that Muireann McDonnell's vocals are definitely the star of the song as they are packed with so much heart and emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to Ruth Picker's storytelling. 
Forever is a song about the connections between people and the earth we inhabit. This message is wrapped around an upbeat jazz-pop production with a cool groove that got me hooked from the start. I am loving Troy Downward's blues guitar solo and how Muireann's dynamic, soulful vocals soar beautifully over the warm production perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Ruth Picker said,

I was inspired to write this song after a walk observing the flowers and the bees. I started thinking about how important the connection between flowers and bees is. I've done some research on the importance of bees to our life on our planet and how we must save them. ("So let the flowers grow, 'cause their nectar tastes so fine...Don't let the bees go - 'cause they're part of our lifeline"). I thought about all the other connections in nature, such as the ocean and the rain. Ultimately everything is connected, so the song is about caring for and loving each other and our planet. While the message in the song is really important, I also wanted people to sing and dance to the groove so I've written it in a jazz style with a pop twist. I hope people can relate to the message at the same time as finding it uplifting and upbeat.