S O U L S Shares New Single ‘Say My Name’

British music producer / composer S O U L S (David Gledhill) shares his brand new single Say My Name, a soulful, a Balearic-infused Deep House cut out now via Mini Dog Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its blissful atmosphere and how it instantly got me excited to want to get up and dance! Say My Name pairs luscious, soulful vocals and a passionate delivery that instantly infuses the song with a memorable dose of soul and emotion, making it perfect to sing along to while dancing. 
Taken from his upcoming album Electronic States, Say My Name finds the talented artist continuing to showcase the Balearic theme of its predecessors, gifting us with an inspired blend of hypnotic grooves and meticulous sound design that beautifully creates a blissful, carefree summer atmosphere. Apart from the vocals and groovy rhythms, I am particularly fond of the lush House piano keys and energetic percussive elements that come together to create a high-energy, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend.



Speaking about the song David says:
‘Say My Name’ was the final song I finished for the album. I recorded most of it in Ibiza May 2023. I wanted the song to feel like a sonic celebration of old skool rave. I tried to capture the hedonism of the early 90s club scene but with a sprinkle of some balearic hippie vibes.The video was shot around the old ruins of the infamous Ibiza Festival Club. It opened in 1972 but tragically closed in 1974 and is now a Mecca for Ibiza’s finest tradition artists.