The Lonely Together Share New Single ‘Keep A Secret’

Edinburgh dream rock outfit The Lonely Together have just shared their brand new single Keep A Secret, the 6th cut from their long-awaited debut LP, Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror. 

I am loving the soaring guitar riffs throughout the song and how they are beautifully intertwined with punchy drums which create an overall powerful indie-pop/rock soundscape. I am also very fond of the effortless vocal delivery which explores a cautionary tale of misplaced trust and lessons learned the hard way, all delivered with songwriter Mike Baillie's signature, world-worn sincerity. I am also really enjoying the build up in the bridge and how the song is packed with so much energy. This is a gem for indie-pop/rock lovers with soaring guitars, beautifully-crafted lyrics and an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!