Sophie Lowe Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Want You  Around’

Acclaimed British actor, singer and songwriter Sophie Lowe has just shared her brand new single I Don’t Want You Around, out now via solo Records.

Written by Sophie and produced by Neal Sutherland, I Don’t Want You Around is a powerful and emotive track that explores the all too familiar scenario of two people discovering what love truly means to them. I am really enjoying the tone of Sophie Lowe's vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of her storytelling.

Based on Sophie’s personal experience, I Don’t Want You Around navigates a relationship with someone who craves love and attention, but struggles to give it in return, creating confusion and conflicting feelings between love and one's values and beliefs. Sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship work, it takes work and commitment to create a balanced, loving relationship. This message is wrapped around a warm production packed with emotive piano chords, delicate synths and subdued bass that infuse the song with an atmospheric, slightly melancholic, atmosphere. Check it out below!