Moyka Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Hold On’

Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Moyka has just shared her brand new single I Don't Wanna Hold On, a heartfelt song about the sorrow of a heartbreak and being tired carrying around the sadness.

Out now via Snafu Records, I Don't Wanna Hold On beautifully showcases what an incredible singer and songwriter Moyka is and how she effortlessly conveys the emotion of such heartfelt storytelling. Last summer I shared a demo, piano-based version of this song which I instantly fell in love with because I am a sucker for piano-based songs. This finished, studio version replaced the piano melodies with a warm electronic production that creates somewhat of an atmospheric, out-of-this-world atmosphere that matches the feelings of sadness from heartbreak. Moyka's smooth, emotive vocals glide naturally over this warm production and infuse it with a touch of melancholia that I personally find to be quite captivating. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Moyka said,

This song started in Berlin and came home with me to Bergen. I have a few recordings of myself singing and working out the lyrics at home acapella. I wrote it at a point where I was really heartbroken and didn't want to carry around the sadness anymore.