Moyka Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Hold On’

23-year-old Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Moyka has just shared her brand new single I Don't Wanna Hold On, a lovely piano-based song about losing a love and choosing to be done with heartbreak. 

I am loving her emotive vocal delivery and how her lovely vocals soar over the warm and intimate production, flawlessly conveying the emotion of her heartfelt and relatable storytelling. This is one of those songs that capture one's attention from start to finish, making us think about the ways we've dealt with heartbreak. 

I am also loving the raw piano melodies and how they enhance the emotion pouring from Moyka's lovely vocals. I know this is a demo version, but I don't think it could get better than this! There's also a captivating touch of melancholia that I quite like and I think you guys will love how honest and relatable this song is. Check it out below!