Jodie Chan Shares New Single ‘Strongest’

Up-and-coming Hong Kong-based singer and songwriter Jodie Chan has just shared her brand new single Strongest, an honest, vulnerable, and liberating ballad about the long journey of coming to self-acceptance and the liberating feeling of coming out the other side.

Her third since and first ballad, co-produced with fellow Hong Kong singer-songwriter Isaac Chan, Strongest beautifully showcases Jodie Chan's vocals and storytelling abilities.

I am really enjoying how her vocal delivery infuses the song with a vulnerable and emotive touch, soaring over the warm production packed with emotive piano chords and catchy beat. I like its positive atmosphere and how it shares a message of self-love and acceptance, feeling like a warm embrace. Have a listen to this lovely ballad below!


Speaking about the song, Jodie Chan said,

writing this song took me back to a very vulnerable period of my life about five years ago. I can barely recognize that time of my life most days because, in my head, it couldn't stand in greater contrast to who I am today. But I feel as though I'm on the other side. “Strongest” is about that. I now see myself as many things. I'm a daughter, sister, partner, friend. I'd call myself a Christian, queer, musician, artist, and many other attributes. I've learned that my many identities can co-exist and that I'm stronger for it. We are evolving beings, and it's important that we give ourselves room to be.